SWOT analysis


  • Graphic design skills and 5 years of experience,
  • Current communications role,
  • Have always followed these types of publications,
  • Experience with online web design and photography, (own blog – continue to develop)
  • Passion for visual communication
  • Desire for continuous education.
  • Well travelled


  • Not a journalism major student.
    • need to increase writing abilities
  • Not a fashion student.
    • need to keep up to date with fashion trends and consumer culture
  • Not sure if my personality suits the industry?
    • maybe more suited to alternative fashion/lifestyle companies with focus on creatives/arts/street style
  • Not the strongest photographic skills
    • need to continue to develop street style and fashion photography skills & knowledge  in own time
  • Not confident approaching people of the street
    • Need to develop this confidence by speaking to professionals and reseraching online


  • Study Abroad
    • Are there opportunities in Europe?
    • look at study abroad minors that might be highly applicable to this sort of job (consumer culture in Amsterdam)
  • Internships, work experience, personal projects.
    • already signed up for the program, need to start applying
    • Continue to search and network with the industry
  • Industry knowledge building
    • Base assignments on industry and career relevant subjects to continue to strengthen knowledge and understanding
  • Digital Media
    • Many blogs and companies around
    • Start own blog


  • What is the biggest threat when it comes to getting the dream career?
    • Magazines are a highly competitive industry.
      • Competition for graduate roles and not many jobs
      • Need to develop fantastic portfolio and cultivate passion to stand out
      • Network and research using LinkedIn
      • Join the mentor program
      • Submit stories to online competitions
    • Magazines are moving online
      • Need to make sure digital skills are up to date
      • Know what skills are needed and use Lyda.com
    • Not enough experience yet
      • Go above and beyond to get involved with extra curricular activities
      • Get work experience at local smaller publications for a ‘foot in the door’ and experience in industry
    • Global industry
      • Compete with people from all over the world
      • Need to relocate and travel a lot 🙂