Bringing together branding elements

„We need to take all this strategy and incorporate it into your visual work to create a tone/personality for all your visual communication materials that meet the needs of your audience.

Inline with other magazine based sites, this site relies on simple and minimal design to highlight beautiful imagery to tell stories. This also means that it is heavily reliant on the impact and effectiveness of the visual elements.

Whilst this site is only basic now, it has been designed with the intention to showcase lots of content and posts. This has been kept in mind throughout the entire design process. The effectiveness of the design is not completely evident now, however once more content has been added, the categories, tag and popular post items in the side bar and footer will become more rich and increasingly add more value to the site.

Describing web-based resources:

  • „Purpose of sites – e.g., informative, sales, research-based
  • „Structure of sites – e.g., dynamic vs static, generic vs personalised
  • „Architecture of sites – e.g., breadth vs depth, navigability
  • „Different from a blog

„Ensure it visually matches you (branding, tone and personality)

„Writing style and content create an identity

Elements to create your brand:

  • „Overview of your dream job
  • „SWOT analysis
  • „Explanation for your choice of blog theme
  • „Your Font choices and justification
  • „Your colour palette and justification
  • „A banner designed using the above elements
  • „“About me” page
  • „Photograph representing you

Visual Elements

‘About me’ Photograph Justification

  • „How will you visually represent your brand with a photo?
  • Prop to tell a story: camera
  • Environment, body language, colours, etc.
  • Candid shots: honest, believable portraits without a lot of elaborate prompting, staging or lighting

Blog Image Choices

  • colourful and intriguing images that capture the user’s attention and provide the viewer with insight into the blogpost. The image is there to immediately provide the reader with a wealth of information before they have even began reading the post. It also tries to capture their attention and draw them in to ‘read more’…