Sarah Nicholls

Design, Photography, Media and Communication


aaeaaqaaaaaaaah_aaaajdlhnmvkmgizlwvhzjutnddkmy05odcyltzizwzlnjkyzdjimaI am a Graphic Designer and Media and Communications student with over four years’ professional experience in design and corporate communications. I have a passion for visual storytelling, stunning photography, harmonised design and branding.

I am a designer because I love aesthetics. I approach the world from a visual perspective and have always been intrigued by the way things visually come together. Design is important because it is central to communication. In today’s visually driven world it is now more important than ever to be able to impact viewer’s immediately. I believe in visual storytelling, where the process involves the unification of message, written content, photography, branding and design. Some people find me a little weird because I can fuss over the smallest details for hours and I won’t stop until I find harmony in final product.

I am also furthering my studies in a Bachelor of Media and Communication at Queensland University of Technology, ranked amongst the world’s top universities for media and communication studies, minoring in interactive and visual design as well as journalism.

I am currently seeking work experience in media and communication industries to enable me to put the theory into practise in real business scenarios and learn more in the process. I am enthusiastic, adaptable, inquisitive, eager to learn and succeed. I intend to bring this same work ethic to any opportunity. Over the years I have developed and demonstrated skills; personality and motivation that will help me become a valuable asset to your organisation.

• Graphic design, digital media, photography, and visual communication
• Carry out a project from concept to completion
• Experienced user of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office
• Great attention to detail
• Fast typing and strong computer literacy
• Excellent time management
• A professional, polished and friendly manner
• The ability to work well unsupervised or independently